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Massachusetts Real Estate Broker Practice Exam

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You’re about to take the first step toward becoming a successful real estate agent or broker. Passing the real estate licensing exam in Massachusetts will establish the foundation to a wealthy career ahead. We at Real Estate Practice Exam understand the magnitude of passing your exam on the first try and our real estate instructors have spent countless hours and energy writing practice questions that simulate the real world experience of taking the test. We offer the most up to date questions and answers available online to ensure you will successfully pass your real estate licensing test.

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Our Massachusetts Real Estate Guide is packed full of useful information and hands-on tips you can apply today to begin studying. All questions are prepared by people who know the industry and Massachusetts real estate laws. Our guide will help you understand all the subject that are on the state exam.

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Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson License Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must complete 24 classroom hours of approved real estate courses by an authorized real estate school. These 24 hours are waived if the applicant has successfully completed a course in real property while enrolled in an accredited law school. After completing the educational requirement, the applicant needs to successfully pass the real estate examination for a salesperson.

Massachusetts Real Estate Broker License Requirements

<ul> <li>Must be at least 18 years old.</li> <li>The applicant’s principal residence needs to be in Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the issuance of the license.</li> <li>The applicant needs to submit proof of having been actively affiliated with a Massachusetts real estate broker as a salesperson for at least one year.</li> <li>The applicant is required to take 30 classroom hours of approved broker real estate courses before taking the real estate exams. After passing the examinations, the applicant needs to provide a <b><a href="http://www.mass.gov/Eoca/docs/dpl/boards/re/newbnd.pdf" target="_new" rel="nofollow">surety bond</a></b> in the amount of $5,000.</li> </ul>
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Massachusetts Sample Practice Exam

Massachusetts Has Reciprocal Agreements With:

Anyone holding licenses from any of these states may apply for a reciprocal license, and may be able to forego some classroom work and other requirements.

<div class="reciprocal"> <div class="reciprocal"> <ul> <li>Alabama</li> <li>Arizona</li> <li>California</li> <li>Connecticut</li> <li>Louisiana</li> <li>Maine</li> <li>Missouri</li> <li>New Hampshire</li> <li>New York</li> <li>Ohio</li> <li>Oregon</li> <li>Rhode Island</li> <li>Washington</li> </ul> </div> </div>
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